Start small with no risks, experience it's benefits,
then scale later if necessary.
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  • Free Auteros Studio.

  • 1 Agent (Bot) licenses.

  • Data privacy: collaborate in your own environment, no need to connect to external sources.

  • No restriction on usage.

  • Regular updates.

  • Online documentation.

  • Support via forum.

  • On-demand support available.



  • Free Auteros Studio.

  • Auteros Agent.

  • Auteros Portal.

  • On-premise architecture.

  • Regular updates.

  • Online documentation.

  • Support with SLA.

  • On-demand training, consulting and implementing.

  • Dedicated support available.

  • Free trial available.


Can I use the Community version in production?



Do I need to publish my processes to your portal when using Community version?

No. We respect your privacy, all will be in your own environment. We don't even collect any logs, usage from your machines.


With Community version, without a central place like portal or orchestrator, how can I deploy my unattended bots to run parallel in different machines?

Auteros Agent has the capabilities to collaborate between different machines via a shared network folder or source control system like Git or SVN. And it's easy to setup in your own environment.


What if I experience something not working correctly, what can I do?

Contact us first via our email or forum, if it's a bug we will fix it in the next release, or if it's critical we will provide a patch as soon as we can.


Is it only for small, simple bots because I see your slogan is "Small Bots Can Help"?

No. Auteros has the capabilities to automate complex processes.

At Auteros, we use Auteros to automate Auteros for regression testing, and also use it for many marketing tasks like LinkedIn automation, Email automation. It's just some simple repetitive tasks but automation relieve us a lot from human side. And we hope we can provide that capabilities for people and companies when they only have a small number of bots. It's not have to be with complex processes in big enterprises.

What is the different between Auteros RPA Community Version with others?


With other community version, you need to use or connect to their community cloud for orchestrator. This raised the security concern with our needs before, because we didn't want to publish our processes there. And we only have a small number of bots (processes) to automate so we thought why we even need an orchestrator, it just increases the infrastructure and managing cost. Also the licensing is quite restricted, as we understand we can't use the community version in production, just for learning purposes.

So Auteros RPA community version is trying to remove these barriers. Auteros Studio and Auteros Agent are not restricted, not limited in usage. They are self-contained, self-managed in your own environment but you can still collaborate between multiple installations easily. We don't provide our community portal and we don't even track the usage data in our apps. So your feedback will be very valuable to us.


Is Auteros RPA community version truly free?

Yes. From our side, it's truly free. We're hearing some concerns that free is not good and it's just for marketing purposes. For us, we just want to make RPA more approachable for every people and companies, because we know automation can relieve us a lot from human side. So we will improve our products over time to address these concerns.

But from your side, it's not totally free of cost. There are many other things in an automation solution before you can get it's benefits. You still need to invest the resources to understand and extract your processes to automate, to develop the processes with RPA tools, to manage and maintain these processes overtime so it can run well.


Why is it free?

First, the Auteros team has designed and developed Auteros Studio and Auteros Agent without using any commercial third party libraries. Also we gained a lot of ideas and implementation from open source community.

Second, we were inspired by Visual Studio community. We are a small team so Visual Studio community version and Azure Devops fit nicely to us. We just want to do the same and hope Auteros will fit you as well.