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RPA Challenge 1: Input Forms, a variation.

In the previous post, we solve the RPA challenge: Input Forms with a traditional solution by using web automation.

Now suppose we will open the rpa challenge 's web app in a virtual machine (or Citrix environments), so we can't use the web automation techniques.

To automate this, we need to use image automation techniques. And we will use the anchor-based technique as illustrated here.

Basically, we will use the static images of labels: Email, First Name, Last Name,... as anchors and use it to calculate the location of input textboxes.

The bot will search on the screen the location of anchors then plus a relative amount (calculated during the capture process) to get the location of textboxes, Then the bot will click on the textboxes to get focus and send a text to it.

Here is an example of how we can capture the anchor and target image (textbox) to calculate the relative amount:

The following is the final result that we run the site in a Ubuntu virtual machine (setup with Oracle VirtualBox)

NOTE: We can still use another image automation technique that doesn't rely on anchor. We can capture one image that contains both the label and the textbox, then specify the coordinates X,Y to click on that region.

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