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Some important concepts before you get started

Updated: Aug 23, 2020

Auteros Studio was built based on Windows Workflow Foundation (WWF) technology from Microsoft. This technology is also the backbone of many big RPA products in the market now, because it helps cut the cost to self-develop the workflow engine and also the workflow designer (the UI part), these things are very complex from development side.

A WWF workflow is a set of elemental units called activities that are stored as a model that describes a real-world process, so basically it will fit nicely to RPA solutions.

WWF is very powerful in extensible and reusable capabilities, so to have a fully working workflow solutions, the effort is not that much as you can see in the following figure from Auteros Studio:

The most effort will be put on building custom activities that solve RPA problems like UI Automation.

To be able to use Auteros Studio, you don't need to know everything from WWF, you only need to know some basic concepts related to Data Model of WWF: Variable, Argument and Expression.

Variable Variables are used to store data in an activity. For example, we will define a string variable named "text" has default value equals to "hello" and belongs to Flowchart activity as following:


Arguments are used to move data into and out of an activity. Mostly, it will be used when you break your big workflows into some sub-workflows and you want to pass data between these sub-workflows. For example, we will define an integer argument named "count" that will go into workflow and has default value equals 0.

Expression Expressions will be used to provide values dynamically for properties of an activity. It's actually an C# expression so it can reference variables, arguments and methods in .NET Class Library. Auteros Studio has integrated Intellisense capabilities, so you will see suggestions when you type in an expression.

To summary, these three concepts: Variable, Argument, and Expression will be very important when you want to build complex workflow for your automation scenarios.

To make Auteros RPA better, we would love to hear your feedback at feedback@auteros.com

You can ask questions in Auteros's forum or join our Slack community.

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