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Can a bot create a bot?

The Auteros team has used unit testing in the development process, so we can recognize bugs after we made changes to the codebase. But it comes to the point that we need something more. Specifically, we need some kind of scenario based testing, the one that can test a fully working flow automatically, not just a unit method like unit testing.

It turns out that we already have this tool. Basically, Auteros is an automation software, so we can use Auteros to automate Auteros itself with it's functionalities in creating and running workflows or bots. This fact is unexpected, and very excited to us in the first development phase. Because Auteros is a .NET desktop application, so we only need to support the UI Automation for .NET, then we will have an effective, efficient scenario-based regression testing tool.

In this post, we will share one scenario that we used for this purpose.

We will use Auteros Studio to develop a bot (we will call it the meta bot), that can automate Auteros Studio to create a bot (we will call it the target bot) to login to a sample deskop app. With this meta bot, we can guarantee many functionalities of Auteros Studio are working right as a whole after making changes to codebase.

The target bot will open the sample app, set Username and Password textboxes via variables value and then click Login button. It will look like this:

The meta bot was broken down to multiple workflows. Each workflow will take care a step in the process of creating the target bot with Auteros Studio. Following are the steps of the meta bot:

  1. Create a sequence workflow.

  2. Create variables: username and password and set default values to it.

  3. Setup desktop app by drag-drop Attach Or Launch Application activity and set ExePath property.

  4. Enter data to Username textbox by Set Text activity.

  5. Enter data to Password textbox by Set Text activity.

  6. Click Login button by Click Element activity.

  7. Run the workflow.

The meta bot will look like this:

Run the meta bot:

Final thoughts

So we can see that we can use a bot to create a bot, but it looks like the meta bot is much more complex than the target bot. But what if at some point in the future the RPA tool will be enhanced and improved so that it's super easy to use. And it will leave an open question that can we automate the tasks of an RPA developer also?

You can reap the benefits of automation immediately with no risks now by getting Auteros RPA Community Version.

Then you can go to our Bot Store to see or learn how bots are implemented. We are keep adding to it.

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