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Bot 4: InFlow Stock Adjust


  • You received an email that requests to update the quantity of some items in stock. The email has excel attachments that contains info about these items.

  • The bot will be triggered, read the emails with Outlook and download the excel attachments to a folder.

  • The bot read data from the excel files in that folder and enter data to the InFlow app.


  • Better stock adjust process for inventory management.

  • Improve team productivity by reducing time spent on manual data entry on InFlow.

How it works

The excel file template is as follow

NOTE: In the video, we run the bot manually from Auteros Agent. But you can schedule to run it by interval or at a specific time in day.

Techniques used

  • Email automation.

  • Excel automation.

  • Desktop app automation.

How to use

  • Download the bot package (.aupkg) here.

  • Open Auteros Studio. if you don't have Auteros Studio installed, you can get it here.

  • Open the Explorer tab, from the root Auteros Node, right click and then click Import Workflow Package, then point to the InFlow_StockAdjust.aupkg file.

  • Open the workflow StockAdjust_Main, change the value of the variable folderPath to the folder that you want to save the excel attachments.

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