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Bot 1: LinkedIn Profile Export


The bot will auto login to LinkedIn by your credentials, search profiles by pre-configured criteria, then export profiles's info to an excel file.


  • Improve recruitment team productivity.

  • Fast and efficient.

  • Reduce human effort.

How it works

Techniques used

  • Element activities for web: Click, Set Text.

  • Browser activities: New Tab, Go To Tab, Invoke Javascript. The js script to export data from the profile page is referencing from this Github repo (with some changes).

  • Mouse activities: Hover Position, Scroll

  • Excel activities

How to use

  • Download the bot here, and extract it to a folder on your computer.

  • Open Auteros Studio. if you don't have Auteros Studio installed, you can get it here.

  • Open the Explorer tab, from the root Auteros Node, right click and then click Import Workflow Package, then point to the LinkedInProfileExport.aupkg file in the extracted folder.

  • Open the workflow LinkedIn_Login, then enter the values for variables: email, password.

  • Open the workflow LinkedIn_Search, then enter the values for variables: title, locations.

  • Open the workflow LinkedIn_Export. Select the Invoke JsonResumeExport JS activity, then change the JsFile property to the path to the main.js file in the extracted folder. Select the OpenWorkbook activity, then change the FilePath property to your excel file.


This tool is not affiliated with LinkedIn in any manner. Intended use is to export your own profile data, and you, as the user, are responsible for using it within the terms and services set out by LinkedIn. We're not responsible for any misuse, or repercussions of said misuse.

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