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Auteros RPA Released - v2020.09

We are very excited to annouce the first public release of Auteros RPA.

We started the beta program three months ago and we got the help of 226 beta users, then we've gone through an exciting period when we've iterated every week with a new build of Auteros RPA based on the feedbacks of beta users, some are for bug fixings, some are for missing features.

By this chance, we would like to say a big thanks to all our beta users for your feedbacks and suggestions that can make Auteros RPA better. We know this is a non-stop process and we need to keep up with this to make Auteros RPA more approachable, and useable for users and companies that want to leverage the power of automation to improve operation efficiencies.

Currently, Auteros RPA has three main components:

  • Auteros Studio: provides a low code approach to design processes. Users with non coding skills can use the drag-drop interface to design workflows. And users with coding skills can have a more powerfull option by scripting.

  • Auteros Agent: acts like a digital assistant: attended or unattended. It will be used to schedule and run the workflows on the target environments and machines.

  • Auteros Portal: used to scale your automation solutions at enterprise level. It provides a central place to manage all your agents, workflows, it's working status and also the insight analytics of your automation solutions.

Auteros RPA has been designed such that you can start your automation solutions small first to see its benefits without worrying about the infrastructure, then you can scale quickly and smoothly at enterprise level if it's necessary.

Some advantages of Auteros RPA:

  • Easy to use, low code approach for non tech users, but still have tools for seasoned RPA developers to leverage their coding skills.

  • Stability, reliability and easy to maintain.

  • Quickly and smoothly scaling.

  • Easy to extend with your own automation needs.

The Auteros team has implemented Auteros Studio and Auteros Agent without using any commercial third-party libraries. So with our community version, Auteros Studio and Auteros Agent are completely free, unlimited, unrestricted, and no user's data tracking. It is suitable for users and companies that only have a small number of processes (bots), and you don't have the need to scale it.

You can see the functionalities of different versions of Auteros RPA here.

You can start your automation journey now by getting Auteros RPA Community Version.

Then you can go to our Bot Store to see or learn how bots are implemented.

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