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Auteros 2021.03 Update

In this release, we include the following features to help with user experience and also extend the automation capabilities:

Auteros Studio

- Show notification messages after running workflows completed.

- In the Output tab, you can open the context menu and Go To Error to quickly scroll and select the row that caused the workflow to failed.

- Select a row in Output tab will also highlight the corresponding activity in the workflow designer, and vice versa.

Auteros Agent

- Click to open Bot Run log file.


- Support Japanese encoding.

- Support Edge browser automation.

- Support Japanese OCR languges.

You can see a demo of RPA Challenge bot running in Edge browser in this video:

We would like to say thank you for all of your valuable feedback, so we can make Auteros better overtime.

Happy automation!!!

If you want to learn more about the use of Auteros RPA, reach out to our automation experts.

You can reap the benefits of automation immediately without worrying about infrastructure and license restricted now by getting Free Auteros RPA Community Version.

Then you can go to our Documentation or Bot Store to see or learn how bots are implemented.

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