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Auteros 2021.02 Update

Updated: Jul 17

Currently, Auteros Agent need to run bots in sequential order, so it won't be conflict when acting on user interface. But there're many cases when bots don't need to access the user interface, for example: the bot can watch the emails and download attachments to a folder...

So in this release, we support another type of bot called Background Bot. And this type of bot can run simultaneously with the UI Bots.

By higher density, you can get better usage of the machines that run bots.

Also we fixed a critical bug related to the CloseTab activity and some other minor bugs.

If you want to learn more about the use of Auteros RPA, reach out to our automation experts.

You can reap the benefits of automation immediately without worrying about infrastructure and license restricted now by getting Free Auteros RPA Community Version.

Then you can go to our Documentation or Bot Store to see or learn how bots are implemented.

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