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Auteros 2020.10 Update

In this month, we released the following new features:

  1. Secret Vault You can create Secrets to keep your credentials. A Secret is a key/value pair that the value is encrypted, so no one can see it's real value. So you can keep your best security practices. Secrets can be created in Studio (Local mode), or Portal mode (centralized storage). In your workflow, you can use GetSecret activity to get the value of the Secret based on Secret's key. The value is a SecureString, so you need to use SetSecureText activity if you want to write it to UI controls.

2. Disable Log

Each activity will have a new DisableLog property. In case you don't want to output the variables and arguments value of this activity to the Output tab when running the workflow, you can set DisableLog to True.

3. Load custom libraries

When use CSharpScript activity, you may want to use some custom dlls, you can put them to the Libraries folder and Auteros will load them to memory when starting.

4. Gmail activities

Support gmail actions by using native Google Apis.

If you want to learn more about the use of Auteros RPA, reach out to our automation experts.

You can reap the benefits of automation immediately without worrying about infrastructure and license restricted now by getting Free Auteros RPA Community Version.

Then you can go to our Documentation or Bot Store to see or learn how bots are implemented.

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