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Attended RPA: when human and bot in collaboration

The target for many business processes is end-to-end automation, where bots are scheduled to execute the entire rule-based processes independently without monitoring from the user. So we can automate back-office processes at scale. And this is called Unattended RPA bots.

Whereas, Attended RPA bots act like virtual assistants helping employees with their front-office tasks to boost productivity. The bots are ready and waiting to be triggered by employees whenever they are needed to help with the process along.

In this post, we will share a use case that attended bots that can boost employee's productivity and then increase employee satisfaction.


A sales executive needs to connect to many prospects on LinkedIn. She login into LinkedIn then do the search for prospects. After screening for prospects profile, she decides to connect with them. To be professional, she prepares a message like this: "Hi [Name], ...I would like to connect...".

To connect with a prospect, she clicks Connect, then clicks Add a note, copy and paste the above message to the Message textbox, replace the [Name] placeholder with the real name of the prospect, then click Send invitation.

But the process of copy, paste and replace the [Name] makes her tired, because every day she needs to connect with many prospects.


An attended bot can help with this process. The bot is ready and waiting to be triggered by her. After she clicks Connect, she will click a specific hotkey to trigger the bot. The bot will popup a form for her to fill the prospect's name (actually the bot can get the full name displayed in LinkedIn automatically, but often this name will look like "robot" in the message, so the bot need her help to enter the name), then the bot will click Add a note, fill in the message with the right name, then click Send invitation.

How it works


Unattended and attended RPA bots are not mutually exclusive. They both play a significant role in making a holistic automation solution. They both add up critical value for companies, which is the ability to work leaner, faster with more accuracy.

By increasing efficiency and productivity, both unattended and attended bots will lead to a better product, service, and customer experience.

If you want to learn more about the use of Auteros RPA, reach out to our automation experts.

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