Auteros Studio - Design Processes Made Easy

Drag & Drop Workflow Designer

  • Design workflows easily, quickly and efficiently.

  • No code approach that suitable for many roles in the organization.

  • Organize all workflows in one place.

  • Simple collaboration between multiple users via source control system or shared network folder. 

Built-in activities to automate most applications

  • UI Automation activities work with applications from desktop to web: .NET, Java, SAP, Chrome, Firefox, IE.

  • UI Inspector tool to help viewing the UI Structure.

  • Automating Citrix and virtual machines with Image and OCR activities.

  • Integration activities work with common applications: Excel, CSV, PDF, Email...

  • Extend functionalities with custom activities by yourself.

  • AI Integration. 

Smart Recorder

  • Capture processes when you go through the target applications and the captured information will be automatically transform to workflows. 

Code Editor for Developer

  • Typing code with Intellisense support.

  • Simple Automation API exposed for most functionalities.